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Turbocharger Repair and Replacement

SA Turbo offers both repairs and replacements of a wide range of turbochargers. Each turbocharger that enters our workshops is checked comprehensively to ensure all components are measured and comply with manufacturer’s standards for optimal performance. This testing includes checking every component of the turbocharger in its assembled state at real time operational performance. This is critical in diagnosing the root-cause of a problem under simulated operational conditions, thereby eliminating costly mistakes.

We place an emphasis on identifying the reason that a turbocharger has failed. This allows our experienced technical team to provide meaningful feedback to our customers so that targeted corrective measures can be taken to prevent repeat failure. This gives our customers peace of mind in ensuring that their fleets are kept operational and on the road, where they belong. SA Turbo customers have the right to an informed decision as to how each turbocharger is repaired.

SA Turbo will always present multiple repair or replacement solutions which will include:

  • Turbocharger repair with genuine OEM or quality Aftermarket parts
  • Turbocharger replacement with Genuine or quality Aftermarket options
  • Quality SA Turbo Exchange units backed by a 12 month warranty

Turbocharger Parts Supply

SA Turbo offers a wide range of repair solutions, including a range of complete turbochargers and parts.

This includes:

  • New turbochargers for all major OEM and quality aftermarket brands.
  • An extensive parts holding for both genuine and quality aftermarket parts, giving you the option to suit your specific repair or replacement requirements at a suitable price point.
  • An industry-leading “walk-in walk-out” service exchange program which provides our customers with a quick repair turn-around time. Walk in with the old turbocharger and walk out with a quality SA Turbo re-manufactured turbocharger which is backed by a 12 month warranty.
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Turbocharger Testing and Calibration

SA Turbo uses cutting-edge technology to test real-time operational performance of your turbocharger. Assembled turbochargers are tested on our state of the art flow bench that is able to simulate rotational speeds the turbocharger reaches during its operating life.  This takes the guess work out of which component, if any, is in fact faulty.

Turbocharger testing and calibration.

Testing and Calibration services offered include the following:

  • Turbocharger leak detection at real-time operating speeds
  • Turbocharger boost pressure and volume measurements recorded during its rotational acceleration curve, ensuring that the precise final calibration of the turbocharger has been reached. These tests can be carried out on both VNT and waist gated turbochargers.
  • Component balancing for all turbocharger rotating assembly parts
  • Cartridge balance calibration by means of a Vibration Sorting Rig (VSR)
    • VSR testing can be done up to 250,000 rpm
    • Balance correction and calibration for all passenger, light and heavy commercial and marine turbochargers
  • Static and dynamic calibration of variable vain turbochargers with pneumatic and electronic actuators.
  • Testing of 12v Rotary Electric Actuator (REA)
  • Testing of pneumatic actuators with electronic position sensors
  • REA Repair and reprogramming of 12v actuators

Racor Filtration

SA Turbo stocks RACOR filtration products which services the diesel and petrol fuel industries.  RACOR Filtration products specialize in fuel water separation and particle filtration for passenger, light and heavy commercial, marine and agricultural applications, preventing downtime and costly repairs due to water contamination. The SA Turbo in-house filtration specialists can assist the individual vehicle owner and large fleet owner to match the best filtration product for their specific requirements, whether it be on vehicle or bulk fuel filtration needs.

Parker Sentinel Engine Protection

SA Turbo stocks and repairs the Parker Sentinel engine failure protection systems designed for both light and heavy commercial fleets, including large mining applications. Sentinel Engine Protection Systems can be fitted to both old and new generation vehicles and detects loss of oil pressure, loss of coolant and engine overheating conditions before engine failure occurs, saving you critical time and costly repairs due to engine failure.

SA Turbo’s technical team will design complete a Sentinel engine protection kit specifically for the vehicle ready to fit. We also hold Sentinel service exchange units on the shelf for quick annual service intervals or onsite repairs.

Parker Sentinel Engine Protection
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